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Acceleration Sport Bra

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This the Acceleration Sports Bra with a front zipper that is both extremely comfortable while giving you the very best in high a performance sport bra. It is made with our superior Brazilian supplex with natural moisture wicking, odor inhibitors, 360 degree uniform stretch and more. It is one of the only women's high performance sport bras with a zipper front. The Acceleration bra will give you incredible comfort and fit while providing the highest level of performance in a women's workout bra.

Fabric: High Performance Supplex
Natural Moisture Wicking

womens fitness clothes Odor Inhibition womens athletic clothes Natural Moisture Wicking womens yoga clothes Uniform Directional Stretch womens gym clothes Supplex:
92% Polyamide 8% Spandex
womens workout clothes Filament Comfort Technology

Machine Washable: Simply wash at the temperature stated on the care label

Natural Softness: AVOID using washing powders or liquids with conditioners or softeners as these may affect the performance of your BRAVADA supplex garment. BRAVADA supplex fabric blends have infused natural softness technology.

Hang Dry: BRAVADA’s superior supplex fabric blends are a quick drying fabric. There is no need to tumble dry.

womens activewear care
womens activewear wash
womens activewear dry

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